Higher Frequency Flower explores the vibrational energy of sound and its enhancement of the human experience. Our Premier Soul Flower Products are carefully curated to amplify the elevating effects of Universal Frequencies. Together we’ll explore the synergy between Sound and Soul Flower to Vibrate Higher.

Evidence exists in support of a special connection between music and who we are as a species. Music therapies in medicine nurture healing of the body and mind. Involuntary foot taps or head nods over an infectious beat are hard to resist or describe. To change the mood, we can cue the right song. Studies show we are born with a genetic predisposition to enjoy music. Newborns are sensitive to intonation, melody, and rhythm, and babies have beat perception. Music is in our DNA.

Linguists say this is because we learn vocally. As the human species evolved, our vocal repertoire developed to recognize frequency patterns we experience as music. Every human culture has made music, and bio-musicologists propose that the higher appreciation of music is uniquely human.

The exploration of this Music-Mind-Body connection is Higher Frequency’s path and purpose. When we vibe with quality music, we synchronize with mathematical patterns seen throughout the universe. In that space, you cultivate strength of mind with the power to shape your reality. We call it the High Freq Flow.